Israeli missile warning system can be deployed in Kyiv in 4 months

27 February, 09:38 PM
The flag of Israel (Photo:Oleg Vakhromov/Unsplash)

The flag of Israel (Photo:Oleg Vakhromov/Unsplash)

The Israeli early missile detection system can be deployed in Ukraine within four months, Israeli Foreign Minister Eli Cohen said during his recent visit to Kyiv, The Times of Israel reported on Feb. 27.

Ukrainian Ambassador to Israel Yevheny Korniychuk, said that Ukraine has been publicly asking for the system for six months, which was promised but never arrived. The article notes that the initial deployment of the system will be a pilot project, and "at best will cover a city like Kyiv."

Korniychuk believes that Ukraine can win the war within a few months – if it gets the help it asked for from its Western allies.

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“We do understand that Israel doesn’t have much in stock now, but the war will not to be over, unfortunately, tomorrow,” said Korniychuk.

“It’s a long run, and if we will finally agree and start to receive some Israeli defensive equipment in three months, six months, nine months from now – that is okay.”

The Times of Israel recalls that Ukraine is asking Israel for deliveries of the Iron Dome and David’s Sling missile defense systems, while Jerusalem is worried about spoiling relations with Russia.

Israeli Foreign Minister Eli Cohen visited Ukraine on Feb 16. He was the highest-ranking Israeli government official to visit Ukraine since the start of the Russian full-scale invasion of Ukraine. The minister visited Bucha and Hostomel, as well as Babi Yar Holocaust Memorial in Kyiv.

Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu earlier said that the country's government is considering providing Ukraine with "other types of assistance."

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