Italian PM in passionate defense of Rome’s enduring support for Ukraine

24 March, 12:07 AM
Giorgia Meloni (Photo:REUTERS/Johanna Geron/File Photo)

Giorgia Meloni (Photo:REUTERS/Johanna Geron/File Photo)

Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni delivered a stern rebuke to an MP from the populist Five Star Movement, who called for an end to military aid to Ukraine and urged “negotiations” with Moscow, Italian news outlet Rai News reported on March 22.

During an address to the Chamber of Deputies on March 22, Meloni stressed that ending support for Ukraine would mean betraying Italy's position and endorsing the Russian invasion.

“Miss (Elisa) Scutella tells us to ‘stop,’ I think this should be said to Putin, dear…” said Meloni.

“Let's call it for what it is. If we stop, we will approve the invasion of Ukraine. I am not so hypocritical as to cover up the word ‘peace’ with the word ‘invasion.’ So, I believe that we shouldn’t approve the invasion of Ukraine. This doesn't mean that we shouldn’t work on a peace plan.”

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The PM added that the situation is "more complicated than propaganda is trying to present," and asked what the conditions for negotiations with Russia might be.

“Do you think that in order to start negotiations, Russia should stop hostilities and withdraw troops from the territory of Ukraine?” said Meloni.

“Do you think that Ukraine's borders should be revised?... Do you think that Moscow should be given back the territories it occupied, where it held a ‘referendum on self-determination’ or not? I would like to hear the answer if we are serious about peace. Otherwise, this is nothing but propaganda at the expense of a sovereign nation, a free people and international law, and this is irresponsible.”

On Feb. 21, George Meloni visited Ukraine and stressed that her government will continue to provide Ukraine with broad support. She also stated that international military assistance to Ukraine brings peace closer.

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