Italy donates over 20 self-propelled guns to Ukraine

30 October 2022, 05:57 PM
Italian M109L 155-mm self-propelled guns (

Italian M109L 155-mm self-propelled guns (

Italy has transferred over 20 self-propelled M109L howitzers to Ukraine, the Italian news channel La Repubblica reported on Oct. 30.

The M109L is a 155 mm turreted self-propelled howitzer that uses NATO-standard ammunition.

According to La Repubblica, hundreds of them were produced in the last years of the Cold War. They were withdrawn from service at the beginning of the century.

After the major repairs, these units will be sent to the front line. The exact number of donated units remains classified, the outlet stated, adding that they were part of the latest military aid package approved by previous Italian Prime Minister, Mario Draghi.

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On Oct. 22, Giorgia Meloni became the new Italian prime minister. She has promised her full support for Ukraine and Western sanctions against Russian dictator Vladimir Putin.

She’s stated that she believes the only way to peace between Russia and Ukraine is to help the latter defend itself militarily.

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