Journalists speak to Russian servicemen involved in deadly Dnipro attack

17 January, 01:19 PM
The Russian military pretended to know nothing about the Russian terrorist act in the Dnipro (Photo:REUTERS/Clodagh Kilcoyne)

The Russian military pretended to know nothing about the Russian terrorist act in the Dnipro (Photo:REUTERS/Clodagh Kilcoyne)

After Ukraine’s SBU security service revealed the identities of Russian servicemen involved in a missile strike on an apartment building in Dnipro on Jan. 14, Russian news outlet Important Stories managed to contact several of them, according to a story published on Jan. 16.

The first was the commander of the aviation detachment of the 52nd heavy bomber aviation regiment, Major Alexei Ivanenko (35 years old).

Important Stories
Фото: Important Stories

In a conversation with journalists, he said that he was allegedly not aware of the Russian terrorist attack in Dnipro, as he “does not follow the news.”

In addition, Ivanenko stated that he “resigned from the army three years ago” after becoming fed up with the military, and is now retired, engaged in “sanitization” and “doesn't think anything” about the war in Ukraine.

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When asked what he thought about the criminal case opened against him, the Russian answered: “Great, should I give myself up now?”

Another war criminal, the chief of staff of the aviation squadron of the Shaikovka aviation group, Dmitry Golenkov (44 years old), was more talkative, but demanded from the journalist that she answer who Ukraine’s Russian-occupied Crimea belongs to.

Important Stories
Фото: Important Stories

“I wanted to ask you what you think about the shelling of the Dnipro,” the journalist asked.

“Hold on with the shelling of (Dnipro),” Golenkov said.

“I understand everything you want to ask me... I want to ask you, as a journalist, why you are calling me and telling me that Crimea... How should I put it? No... You should say then that Crimea is Russia. Why don't you say so?”

“I said that the four subjects and Crimea are ours. What does Ukraine have to do with it? I do not touch Ukraine at all,” the Russian soldier went on. “Ukraine is another independent state (said after some comment, probably from a friend nearby). It is shelling our territory, the Russian Federation. Donetsk, Kherson, Zaporizhzhia oblasts, Crimea are being shelled. Why don’t you ask me about this?... You, lady, are probably from Ukraine. In Russia, journalists do not ask such questions. Journalists do not ask questions at all.”

When the reporter tried again to get a comment from Golenkov about the shelling of Dnipro, he lost his temper.

“What the hell, did I push the button myself or was I even in this plane?... Crimea is still ours and everything else is ours. What do you want from us?”

“Do you personally feel sorry for these people who died in Dnipro? Forty have already died, many are still under the rubble,” the journalist asked him.

“What kind of people? I don't understand what you’re talking about... You (Ukraine) are a region of Russia. One single region of Russia. You won’t even be different regions... And the rest will be ours. Goodbye, girl.”

Another Russian serviceman with whom the journalists managed to contact turned out to be the navigator of the 52nd heavy bomber aviation regiment Dinar Nazirov (37 years old).

Important Stories
Фото: Important Stories

He refused to answer the question, pretending he was a “forester from a forest plantation.”

“Don’t walk in my woods and scare the squirrels,” he said over other male voices before hanging up.

The rest of the persons on the list of the SBU, who the journalists did not succeed in contacting are:

Important Stories
Фото: Important Stories
  • Aviation weapons engineer of the 52nd Heavy Bombardment Aviation Regiment, Yevgeny Potseluev (41 years old), from the village of Vyazovka in Volgograd Oblast.
Important Stories
Фото: Important Stories
  • Pilot of the 52nd Heavy Bombardment Aviation Regiment, Denis Grigoriev (40 years old), from Kostanai (Kazakhstan).
Important Stories
Фото: Important Stories

A Russian Kh-22 missile struck an apartment complex in Dnipro on Jan. 14, killing at least 40 people and injuring 75, including 14 children.

According to Ukraine’s SBU security service, 72 apartments in the building were completely destroyed, and 236 were damaged. In addition, 25 cars were destroyed in the attack.

The Air Force of Ukraine reported that the strike was caused by a Kh-22 supersonic missile, which the Armed Forces of Ukraine have no means of intercepting.

These cruise missiles, which move at supersonic speeds (up to 4.6 times the speed of sound), are 5.8 tons in weight and carry a one-tone high-explosive warhead.

They have a low accuracy, and can strike anywhere within 100 to 300 meters of their intended target.

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