Kadyrov may move to leadership position in Russian Guard – Meduza

4 September, 02:33 PM
Chechnya governor Ramzan Kadyrov (Photo:Ramzan Kadyrov / Telegram)

Chechnya governor Ramzan Kadyrov (Photo:Ramzan Kadyrov / Telegram)

Chechnya governor Ramzan Kadyrov may be transferred from his current post to a senior position in the Russian National Guard (Rosgvardiya), the independent Russian-language media outlet Meduza wrote on Sept. 3.

The report states that a source close to the Kremlin says the transition is currently being considered.

Meduza also noted that in an earlier video published by Kadyrov, he suggested that his time as the head of Chechnya was up. However, he has made similar statements before, Medusa noted.

In the video message, Kadyrov declared himself "the longest-living among all the heads of Russian regions."

Видео дня

Kadyrov has been the head of Chechnya since 2007, and has indeed held his position longer than any other Russian regional governor. He was formally re-elected for a new five-year term in Sept. 2021.

In August, the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) charged Kadyrov with involvement in war crimes in Ukraine.

In addition to Kadyrov, two of his closest henchmen, Danil Martynov and Huseyn Mezhidov, were also named as suspects. The first is the deputy head of the Federal Service of the Rosgvardiya in the Chechen Republic, and the second is the commander of the tactical group of the 249th Separate Motorized Battalion South of the 46th Separate Operational Brigade of the North Caucasian District.

According to the SBU, in February-March 2022, Kadyrov personally oversaw the development and planning of individual military operations of the above units, receiving reports from their leaders and relaying back to them criminal orders.

Kadyrov has supported Russia’s war on Ukraine, declaring on July 18 that he was going to, “easily” seize not only Kyiv, but also “NATO countries.”

He sent troops to Ukraine, but they were mainly seen in staged videos simulating battle, earning them the derisive nickname of “TikTok troops.”

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