Kazakh lawmaker expelled from party for supporting Russia’s war against Ukraine

19 January, 05:19 PM
Azamat Abildayev (Photo:azattyq.org (RFE/RL))

Azamat Abildayev (Photo:azattyq.org (RFE/RL))

Kazakhstan’s Aq Jol Democratic Party has expelled from its ranks the Mäjılıs (lower house of parliament) member Azamat Abildayev, who declared his support for Russia’s war against Ukraine, the party’s press service reported on Jan. 19.

According to the statement, Abildayev’s position contradicts the party’s principles and also violates deputy ethics.

The party submitted a letter to the Central Election Commission of Kazakhstan about the revocation of Abildayev’s mandate.

In a comment to Radio Liberty’s Kazakh service, Abildayev said he agrees with the party’s decision as he does not want to mislead the political force before the elections.

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In an interview on Jan. 18, Abildayev said that he supports the Russian dictator Vladimir Putin and Russia’s aggression against Ukraine.

He also repeated the Kremlin propaganda trope that “Nazis” are supposedly in power in Ukraine.

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