Explosion hits occupied Chornobayivka, several reported dead and wounded

15 June, 04:47 PM
Locals reported about the explosion in Chornobayivka (illustrative photo) (Photo:suspilne.kherson)

Locals reported about the explosion in Chornobayivka (illustrative photo) (Photo:suspilne.kherson)

An explosion in Chornobayivka, Kherson Oblast, which is currently occupied by Russian invaders, killed and wounded several people, although the exact number is still unknown, Ukrainian news outlet Suspilne reported on the morning of June 15.

According to Suspilne, the explosion took place near a local market.

“In the morning there was an explosion near the local market in Chornobayivka. There are dead and injured, we don’t have the exact numbers yet,” the outlet said.

The report of the explosion in Chornobayivka was later confirmed by a deputy of the regional council and adviser to the chairman of the Kherson Oblast, Serhiy Hlan’. He said that there were injured and dead from the blast.

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“This is nothing more than an act of terrorism from Russia,” Hlan’ said. “The occupiers want to intimidate people and avenge the well-aimed hits by the Armed Forces of Ukraine on Russian artillery depots. They are trying to bring down the high morale of the residents of the Kherson oblast by killing civilians. They are doing it just because they can,” Hlan’ wrote on his Facebook page.

In early April, a resident of Chornobayivka told the Current Time TV channel that the Russian invaders had destroyed more than 110 houses and that there is a critical humanitarian situation in the village.

In May, Ukrainian defenders regularly attacked enemy positions and air force concentrations that were located in Kherson International Airport in Chornobayivka. After one of the attacks on the airport, the Russians fled through nearby villages, opening fire at civilians.

The Ukrainian civilians in the temporarily occupied settlements of the south of Ukraine, are trying to resist the invaders. An explosion occurred in Kherson on June 7. The head of the Kherson OVA, Gennady Laguta, said that the incident took place in a cafe that the invaders frequented.

Hlan’ reported that over the past two weeks, the Ukrainian military has achieved tactical success in counter-offensive operations in the south and has moved even closer to the Russian-occupied city of Kherson.

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