Klitschko says construction of pedestrian bridge from Obolon Embankment to Obolon Island to continue

31 January, 06:26 PM
The project of a pedestrian bridge from the Obolon embankment to the Obolon island (Photo:Віталій Кличко via Telegram)

The project of a pedestrian bridge from the Obolon embankment to the Obolon island (Photo:Віталій Кличко via Telegram)

Mayor of Kyiv Vitaliy Klitschko has announced that the city has received funds from the Metropolis of Greater Paris to continue building a pedestrian bridge from Obolon Embankment to Obolon Island. 

Construction of the bridge has been ongoing since 2020, funded by patrons.

“As of the beginning of 2023, three pillars of the bridge have already been installed and the installation of the fourth one has begun, materials have been purchased,” the mayor wrote in his Telegram channel.

“With the funds provided by the Metropolis of Greater Paris, the installation of the fourth pillar of the bridge will be completed, auxiliary and partially supporting structures will be purchased and installed, as well as metal structures,” the mayor said.

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He noted that the allocated funds are targeted, that is, intended for the construction of this particular object.

“According to the project, the bridge will rest on four pillars, two of which are located in the strait. The width of the pedestrian facility will be four meters, and the length will be 164 meters. The bridge will be accessible for disabled people. The bridge will not interfere with the passage of small vessels into Obolon Bay.”

He promised to develop Obolon Island as a modern recreation area for Kyiv residents, while preserving its natural flora and fauna.

In July 2022, Kyiv City Prosecutor’s Office in a court procedure has called on the cancellation of the registration of rights to hydraulic structures on the Obolon Island and along the coastline of the Dnipro River totaling an area of more than 150,000 square meters and the invalidation of contracts of sale of these rights.

The Prosecutor’s Office argued that as early as September 2021, illegal registration of property rights and ownership of a number of hydrotechnical structures located along Natalka Park, on the Sobache Hyrlo Peninsula, the Obolon Island and within the coastal strips of other water bodies in the capital gained wide publicity in the mass media.

“The area of one of the hydraulic structures is actually equal to the area of the Obolon Island itself (14.3 hectares), on which a recreation area for citizens is currently being built at the expense of the local budget,” the Prosecutor’s Office said.

The authorities of the capital’s Prosecutor’s Office also established the fact of the illegality of the actions regarding the registration of property rights to disputed hydrotechnical structures, which by virtue of the law should be transferred to communal property.

A total of seven lawsuits were filed in the interests of the Kyiv territorial community against individuals and legal entities.

The investigation into the illegal appropriation of 10 berths and an entire island in Kyiv by lawyer-businessman Kostyantyn Boyko was made public by Schemes investigation team. According to Schemes, he had help with this due to his ties with the then chief of the Kyiv police Andriy Kryshchenko.

“According to the register of real estate rights, Boyko’s Ukrainian Bureau of River Ports company is the owner of property rights to a dam with an area of 142,980 square meters, which is located on the Obolon Island. This is the entire area of the island,” it was noted, in particular, in the investigation.

Kryshchenko himself then claimed that “he did not violate the laws of Ukraine and was not involved in the assumptions that were made against him.”

Kyiv City State Administration stated that the island on the Dnipro is communally owned and was not transferred to anyone, as none of the islands in Kyiv can be transferred to private ownership according to the law.

“As for the hydraulic structures, which, according to the media, were transferred to private ownership, we draw your attention to the fact that the work of the so-called ‘black registrars’ is becoming systematic. Therefore, the city authorities appeal to law enforcement agencies to intensify the fight against ‘black registrars’ and to check the information made public by journalists,” the Kyiv city administration message also said.

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