Kremlin has deported over 700,000 Ukrainians to Russia — ombudsperson

12 April, 07:28 PM
Ukrainian Ombudsperson Lyudmyla Denisova (Photo:Lyudmyla Denisova via Facebook)

Ukrainian Ombudsperson Lyudmyla Denisova (Photo:Lyudmyla Denisova via Facebook)

Russia has deported more than 700,000 civilians from Donetsk and Luhansk oblasts, sending them to far-off regions of Russia, Ukrainian Ombudsperson Lyudmyla Denisova said on Radio Free Europe/ Radio Liberty on April 12.

The parliamentary human rights commissioner said that about 20,000 people are deported to the territory of the aggressor country by force every day. Ukrainians are then placed in 35 regions of Russia. The fact that over 700,000 Ukrainians, including more than 130,000 children, have taken to Russia has been confirmed by Denisova’s Russian counterpart Tatyana Moskalkova.

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“Now the filtration camp is located in the Donetsk Oblast, where there are more than 10,000 of our citizens,” Denisova said. “In these filtration camps they force our citizens to cooperate. They learn about their interests, about their support for Ukraine or the Russian Federation. They enquire if there are law enforcement officers they know, so that they can then be arrested and tortured, and perhaps later eliminated.”

According to Denisova, in the Penza region of Russia alone there are four camps, where back in February, before the start of the full-scale invasion of Ukraine by Russia, residents of the occupied territories of Donbas were taken.

The ombudsperson stressed that the deportation of Ukrainians by force to Russia is a violation of the Geneva Convention and constitutes a war crime.

Earlier, the UK newspaper The Independent reported that Russian dictator Vladimir Putin had ordered that 100,000 Ukrainians who were previously deported to Russia be sent to remote corners of the country, including Siberia and areas above the Arctic Circle.

Russian occupiers have been taking Ukrainians to Russia and to the territory of unrecognized republics, blocking Ukrainian humanitarian corridors, and creating filtration camps.

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for the Reintegration of the Temporarily Occupied Territories Iryna Vereshchuk earlier stated in an interview with Reuters that the Russian invaders had captured 1,700 Ukrainian servicemen and civilians, 500 of whom were women.

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