Not in Ukraine but in Italy Putin won, a Radio Liberty journalist says

23 May, 04:46 PM
Artwork by Harry Hreb in Rome (Photo:Harry Greb via REUTERS)

Artwork by Harry Hreb in Rome (Photo:Harry Greb via REUTERS)

The dominance of Kremlin propagandists can now be seen in the Italian media, said Natalia Kudryk, Ukrainian service of the RFERL correspondent in Rome.

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Some experts have already said while Putin has not won in Ukraine yet, he has already won in Italy, because there is a predominance of Russian propaganda narratives in the Italian media, the journalist added.

“Russian propaganda is overwhelming on Italian television, from which Italians still mostly get the information. And not only propagandists from the Kremlin, such as Solovyov, Popov, Zakharova or Lavrov are there. Local propagandists invite Italians who work with the United Russia party,” Kudryk said to Radio NV.

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The journalist believes that Russian propaganda influences public opinion in Italy:

“People are completely confused and do not understand who is right and who is wrong in this war. It seems that everyone wants this war to end as soon as possible, because they are already very tired of looking at these bloody pictures,” Kudryk said. “It’s no secret that many politicians and businessmen hope everything will end soon and they can restore relations with Russia.”

Journalist also said there are fears in Italy that even if Russia collapses later, as happened with the Soviet Union, there will be even more problems. “And this, they say, should be avoided,” Kudryk said.

However, Kudryk notes, Mario Draghi's premiership played an important role in supporting Ukraine, although he has been under pressure in recent weeks.

“In recent weeks, Draghi’s government and the ministers who are dedicated Altaicists and support the way the U.S. and the West protect Ukraine, met very strong resistance,“ the journalist said.

These are the parties of Matteo Salvini, Giuseppe Conte and Silvio Berlusconi. The influence of these political forces is different, the journalist explains, but still their opinion is taken into account in Italy:

“They believe that the provision of heavy weapons can help Ukrainians not only defend themselves, but insult, attack Russia, launch a counteroffensive,” Kudryk said.

“In this way, they are trying to take away the electorate and show with such manipulative, pacifist appeals that Italy is striving for peace.”

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