Kuleba calls for Russia to be declared a terrorist state after massacre of Ukrainian POWs in Olenivka

29 July, 06:57 PM
Dmytro Kuleba (Photo:Kay Nietfeld/Pool via REUTERS)

Dmytro Kuleba (Photo:Kay Nietfeld/Pool via REUTERS)

Russia committed “another petrifying war crime” by shelling a correctional facility in occupied Olenivka where Ukrainian prisoners of war were held, Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba said on Twitter on July 29.

He called on Ukraine’s international partners to strongly condemn this flagrant violation of international humanitarian law and declare Russia a terrorist state.

Russian invading forces accused the Ukrainian military of “using HIMARS to hit the facility”, as a result of which 53 Ukrainian prisoners of war were killed. 

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HIMARS is Ukraine’s Western supplied rocket launcher system, which has a long range yet is extremely accurate.

Ukraine’s General Staff stated that Russia attacked the prison themselves in order to accuse Ukraine of committing "war crimes", as well as to hide the torture of prisoners and executions that they committed there on the orders of the occupation administration and the command of Russian invading forces in the occupied parts of Donetsk Oblast.

Correctional facility No. 120 is located in Olenivka, where Russian troops are holding captive Ukrainian defenders, including fighters from the Azov Regiment, which defended Mariupol before being besieged and then ordered to surrender by Ukrainian commanders.

President Volodymyr Zelenskyy said on June 6 that more than 2,500 defenders of Mariupol from the Azovstal plant were in Russian captivity. According to Ukrayinska Pravda, 2,449 defenders left the territory of Azovstal, and they are being held in Russian-occupied Olenivka.

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