Kyiv being fortified, several groups of saboteurs taken prisoner, says city mayor

28 February 2022, 06:37 PM

The Ukrainian capital city of Kyiv continues to hold its defensive line against Russian invasion forces, Kyiv Mayor Vitaliy Klitschko wrote on Facebook on Feb. 28.

“Our military, law enforcers and territorial defense fighters continue to identify and neutralize saboteurs whose groups are located in the city,” he wrote.

“They are building fortifications in the capital city, putting up restrictive blocks on the territory of strategic enterprises and institutions.”

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Klitschko said Kyiv had seen clashes and skirmishes at night. Ukrainian military and territorial defense fighters had neutralized and captured several sabotage groups, he said.

He added that all critical infrastructure facilities continue to function.

Hospitals are operating in wartime mode. They accept both those who seek emergency help and those who are brought by ambulances.

From Feb. 28, the curfew will start from 2000 instead of 2200. Only those who have obtained a new type of special permit from the Kyiv Military Commandant will be able to move around the city, while all previously issued permits will be canceled.

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