Kyiv kicks off preparations for exhibition of destroyed Russian military equipment

20 August, 07:39 PM
An exhibition of destroyed Russian equipment is being organized on Khreshchatyk (Photo:REUTERS/Nacho Doce)

An exhibition of destroyed Russian equipment is being organized on Khreshchatyk (Photo:REUTERS/Nacho Doce)

The Ukrainian capital city of Kyiv on Aug. 20 started preparations for an exhibition of Russian equipment destroyed during the full-scale war against Ukraine.

Oleksiy Kopytko, adviser to Ukraine’s defense minister, and Oleksandr Zinchenko, a historian and publicist, posted the photos of the preparations on social networks.

Prior to that, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine approved a plan of events to celebrate the 31st anniversary of Ukraine’s independence on Aug. 24. Among other things, Khreshchatyk Street in the capital city will host an exhibition of destroyed Russian military equipment.

Видео дня

“In February, Russians were planning a parade in downtown Kyiv,” the Defense Ministry tweeted.

“Six months into the large-scale war the shameful display of rusty Russian metal is a reminder to all dictators how their plans may be ruined by a free and courageous nation.”

Netizens are also sharing photos and videos from the capital city’s main street.

According to Kopytko, the “parade” will be quite large-scale, “but not quite as the Kremlin would have like to see it.”

“You wanted a parade on Khreshchatyk – you’ll have it!” Zinchenko wrote on Facebook.

“I haven’t felt so happy in a long time.”

Senior International Affairs Correspondent for The Guardian, Emma Graham-Harrison, tweeted, “Ukraine continues trolling Moscow” above a video of the destroyed Russian equipment parade shot by Ukrainian journalist Evgen Vorobiov.

Later, she tweeted a picture of a child on a wrecked infantry fighting vehicle: “This kid posing on a tank in downtown Kyiv — where families have flocked to see a ‘parade’ of destroyed Russian military equipment — somehow summed up for me both the hope and utter heartbreak of Ukraine’s battle for survival, nearly six months into the war.”

Kyiv hosted an exhibition of destroyed Russian military equipment on Mykhailivska Square in late May. It was reported it would become part of the exposition of the National Military Historical Museum of Ukraine and would demonstrate what Ukrainian defenders were capable of.

According to Ukraine’s General Staff, as of Aug. 20, Russia has lost about 44,900 personnel, 1,907 tanks, 266 self-propelled guns, 4,212 armored combat vehicles, and hundreds of other equipment since the beginning of the large-scale invasion.

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