Most of the approximately six air targets above Kyiv shot down by defenses, says military administration

15 February, 06:05 PM
View over Kyiv, January 19, 2023 (Photo:REUTERS/Gleb Garanich)

View over Kyiv, January 19, 2023 (Photo:REUTERS/Gleb Garanich)

Around six aerial targets were detected over Kyiv on Feb. 15, the Kyiv City Military Administration (KMVA) reported on Telegram messenger.

Preliminary data indicates that they were balloons, the administration added, and most were shot down.

Kyiv authorities said that the objects may have been carrying corner reflectors and reconnaissance equipment, likely for the detection and depletion of air defenses.

“The final determination of the type and characteristics of the aircraft and their equipment will be made after a detailed study and analysis of the remains of the downed objects,” the KMVA said.

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Spokesman for the Air Force Yuriy Ihnat said that Russians use such old-fashioned methods to divert attention, overload air defense and for other, alike purposes.

"It's neither a weather nor stratospheric balloon - it’s just a simple balloon carrying a piece of metal," he explained.

"It flies wherever the wind blows. We conduct radar surveillance around the clock. No one will use special weapons against the air balloons."

An air alert sounded in Kyiv at about 3:00 p.m. and lasted for almost an hour. Before that, it was announced in Kyiv Oblast.

On Feb. 14, the Air Force announced that the Russian invaders had again launched balloons with corner reflectors into the airspace of Ukraine for reconnaissance and to divert Ukrainian air defenses.

A prior mass Russian missile attack on Ukraine was conducted on Feb. 10. At the time, air defense forces shot down 61 out of the 71 missiles fired. Before that, Russian forces attacked Ukraine with kamikaze drones at night: the Air Force destroyed 20 Shahed-136/131 attack aircraft during that attack.

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