Kyiv wants to try Putin, regime allies in international tribunal, not Ukrainian court

22 February, 04:41 PM
Ukraine plans to create an international tribunal to condemn the aggression of the Russia (Photo:Reuters)

Ukraine plans to create an international tribunal to condemn the aggression of the Russia (Photo:Reuters)

Ukraine currently has three models for the work of the Special International Tribunal to prosecute Russian war crimes, but considers only two of them acceptable, a source in the Office of the President of Ukraine told NV on Feb. 22.

The source said there are four skeptical countries that are trying to shift Ukraine’s attention to the model of the tribunal working in a hybrid format. These are the United States, the United Kingdom, France, and Germany.

“Under the hybrid model, they suggest that we establish a tribunal as a court in the judicial system of Ukraine. That is, a court according to the legislation of Ukraine, but its whereabouts could be in Europe or somewhere.”

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“It does not suit us,” the source said.

The source that such an idea is unacceptable since the assessment of the war is narrowed down to the level of a conflict between two states. In addition, the issue of bringing Russian dictator Vladimir Putin and members of the Russian Security Council to justice will only be a matter for Ukraine.

Therefore, Kyiv is now promoting two other models of the international tribunal.

The first one is to set the tribunal up on the basis of an international agreement between the UN Security Council and Ukraine.

The second one is an open international treaty with a declaration, which Ukraine would offer for signing.

“It (would be) open for signature by all the civilized countries of the world,” the sources said.

“Anyone who wants to may sign it, ratify and, accordingly, recognize the jurisdiction of the decisions of this tribunal on its territory. Therefore, these two models are acceptable for us.”

In addition, according to the source, discussions are underway on what to call the court. For example, the West suggests that it should not be called an “international tribunal” but an “appropriate mechanism.”

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