Lithuanian Defense Ministry sends 105-mm howitzers to Ukraine

7 September, 07:49 PM
Lithuanian 105-mm howitzers for Ukraine (Photo:@Lithuanian_MoD)

Lithuanian 105-mm howitzers for Ukraine (Photo:@Lithuanian_MoD)

Lithuania has sent 105 mm howitzers to Ukraine to fight the invading Russian forces effectively, the country’s Ministry of Defense reported on Twitter on Sept. 7.

"Our 105 mm howitzers are on their way to Ukraine," the Lithuanian ministry said.

“Ukraine needs non-stop weapon supplies. We cannot have any pauses.”

Vilnius has been systematically supporting Ukraine since the beginning of the full-scale Russian invasion.

Ordinary Lithuanians are also helping. Earlier, TV presenter, founder of Laisvės TV and public figure Andrius Tapinas initiated a fundraiser to purchase a Bayraktar attack drone for Ukraine.

Видео дня

After raising more than EUR 5 million for the UAV in Lithuania in the space of three days, the Turkish manufacturer Baykar announced that it would donate it for free.

Tapinas then announced that the funds had already been spent on bombs and missiles for Bayraktar, anti-drone rifles. There were also plans to buy three reconnaissance drones and help a hospital in Cherkasy where Ukrainian soldiers are being treated.

Most of the civilized world is now supporting Ukraine by providing military and financial assistance.

At the same time, the head of EU diplomacy Josep Borrell stated that the stocks of weapons in the EU are being depleted. He urged the EU countries to improve coordination between them on spending on military materiel.

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