Lithuanians purchased 110 anti-drone weapons for the Armed Forces of Ukraine

14 June, 02:17 PM
Аnti-drone weapons EDM4S (Photo:Andrius Tapinas/Twitter)

Аnti-drone weapons EDM4S (Photo:Andrius Tapinas/Twitter)

The Lithuanian public had purchased 110 powerful EDM4S anti-drone guns for Ukraine, Lithuanian TV presenter and public figure, Andrius Tapinas, said on June 13.

The total cost of the guns exceeds EUR 1.5 million ($1.56 million). 

The guns will be delivered to Ukraine in the near future. They will be distributed among 35 units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. 

“We named them Orcrist, the Orc-Slayer,” Tapinas said. 

“Tolkien would approve.”

Tapinas had previously raised EUR 5 million ($5.2 million) in three days to buy a Bayraktar TB2 drone for the defenders of Ukraine. 

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The fundraising campaign started on May 25, and on the evening of May 28, during a special TV broadcast, the journalist stated that the funds had already been raised. 

In response, Turkey decided to donate the Bayraktar TB2 attack drone to Ukraine for free

Lithuania intends to use the raised money for purchasing ammunition for the drone, as well as spend it on supporting Ukraine.

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