Lozova mayor urges residents to evacuate immediately over threat of airstrikes

16 April, 06:59 PM
Russian invaders threaten to strike at the station in Lozova (illustrative photo) (Photo:Operational Command East)

Russian invaders threaten to strike at the station in Lozova (illustrative photo) (Photo:Operational Command East)

The residents of the town of Lozova in Kharkiv Oblast need to evacuate immediately after the Russian invaders threatened to launch an airstrike on the local train station, Lozova Mayor Serhiy Zelensky wrote on Facebook on April 16.

He called on the residents to take the Lozova-Khmelnytskyi train at 1730.

Later the mayor announced that locals could evacuate by bus to the town of Pavlohrad.

At the same time, most people wrote under his posts that his Facebook page could have been hacked. People are worried that the invaders will try to launch an airstrike on the railway station during the evacuation, as they did in the town of Kramatorsk, Donetsk Oblast.

Видео дня

In turn, the mayor posted a video address saying that his calls to evacuate were not fake. He confirmed the evacuation by trains and buses scheduled for 1730 on April 16.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky in later comments said that there was no ground threat to Lozova, but the likelihood of missile and bombing attacks was growing. He also urged locals not to panic.

According to VoxCheck, a Ukrainian fact-checking project, Russian Telegram channels reported a possible missile strike on the railway station in Lozova.

Russian sources are trying to accuse the Armed Forces of Ukraine of allegedly preparing a provocation. The Russians spread similar messages before their missile attack on civilians at the railway station in Kramatorsk.

On April 8 Russia launched two missile strikes on the station, where hundreds of civilians were waiting for evacuation trains. The invaders used cluster munitions, fired from a Tochka-U missile system. The attack has drawn wide condemnation around the world, with than 50 people being killed, and at least a hundred more injured.

In the face of Kremlin denials, the Pentagon and the EU have confirmed that it was Russia that launched the missile attack.

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