Luhansk puppet authority “prosecutor general” killed in Luhansk

16 September, 06:28 PM
According to available data, the explosion occurred in Serhiy Gorenko's office (Photo:riabreakingnews/Twitter)

According to available data, the explosion occurred in Serhiy Gorenko's office (Photo:riabreakingnews/Twitter)

Sergey Gorenko, the so-called “prosecutor general” of the Luhansk puppet authority, has been killed by an explosive device that detonated in his office, Russian propaganda outlet RIA Novosti reported on Sept. 16.

The blast resulted in serious injured for Gorenko, who perished in hospital. Gorenko’s deputy was also killed by the blast.

Ukraine’s special services has not yet commented on Gorenko’s death.

Another explosion was heard that same day in the center of occupied Kherson, while yet another blast was confirmed to have occurred in the occupied town of Berdyansk, killing the deputy head of the occupation administration of Zaporizhzhia Oblast.

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Meanwhile, the Ukrainian army continues its counteroffensive actions across the country, liberating Ukrainian territories in several directions at once.

Ukrainian forces maintain fire control over the Antonivsky Bridge and other crossings across the Dnipro River in Kherson Oblast, preventing Russian forces from restoring critically important supply routes – thus preventing reinforcement and resupply for the Russian forces stranded in the oblast.

Earlier, Ukraine successfully conducted a wide-ranging liberation operation in Kharkiv Oblast, freeing over 8,000 square kilometers of occupied territory, along with a number of strategically important settlements, such as Balakliya, Kupyansk and Izyum.

Meanwhile, Ukrainian partisans are continuing to eliminate pro-Kremlin collaborators who voluntarily agreed to work for the Russian invaders.

Following that, the invaders decided to cancel a sham referendum meant to legitimize Russia’s planned annexation of occupied Ukrainian territory.

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