Luhansk oblast faces shortage of water, electricity

12 May, 04:59 PM
Luhansk oblast has been cut off from water and power (Photo:REUTERS/Hamuda Hassan)

Luhansk oblast has been cut off from water and power (Photo:REUTERS/Hamuda Hassan)

The entirety of Ukraine’s Luhansk oblast has been cut off from water and power, reported Luhansk Oblast military administration governor Serhiy Haidai via Telegram messenger on May 12.

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Only about 21,000 local residents still have access to the natural gas, spread out across five settlements, but not everyone has gas everywhere.

“In fact, yesterday we pinpointed unsanctioned changes in the gas transit system, which serves as evidence that gas valves have been closed at the compressor station in the temporarily occupied town of Novopskov,” said Haidai, adding that these changes affect the Novopskov-Shebelynka gas pipeline, which provides natural gas for Donetsk and Luhansk oblasts.

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It is likely that industry in Novopskov interrupted the gas transit in Luhansk.

“We noticed an unsanctioned outflow of gas from the Soyuz pipeline to the pipelines of non-Ukrainian controlled territories of Luhansk and Donetsk oblasts. Practically, this is gas theft,” said Haidai.

Meanwhile, most of Luhansk’s utility companies are unable to operate, as Russians forces keep destroying critical infrastructure, targeting bridges and roads, as well as water and power providers.

“Most of the critical infrastructure we’ll have to rebuild from scratch,” Haidai noted.

“Some power lines can be repaired, but this can’t be done now as we are still under constant shelling in places where repairs are needed.”

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