Lukashenko regime realizes mobilization announcement might cause unrest, Ukraine’s military intelligence says

19 October 2022, 05:16 PM
Belarusian dictator Alexander Lukashenko (Photo:REUTERS/Turar Kazangapov)

Belarusian dictator Alexander Lukashenko (Photo:REUTERS/Turar Kazangapov)

The regime of Belarusian dictator Alexander Lukashenko is closely monitoring the chaos that is taking place amid mobilization in Russia and understands that mobilization in Belarus could be even more difficult, Ukraine’s GUR military intelligence department reported on Oct. 19.

The Belarusian regime is moving closer to understanding the dangers of openly joining Russian dictator Vladimir Putin’s war against Ukraine, GRU said.

Because of this, Lukashenko continues to make loud statements in order to show Putin that by his actions he is fulfilling his obligations as an ally, diverting vast numbers of Ukrainian army reserves from possible use at the front in the east and south of Ukraine.

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Apart from that, under the guise of mobilization, the Belarusian secret services are covertly studying the possible reactions of society and the public’s readiness to join in protests, Ukraine’s GRU added.

“All of this shows that the self-proclaimed Belarusian authorities are not confident of the support of the majority of the population for the decisions regarding their country’s participation in the military adventures of the Russian Federation,” the report said.

According to the Ukrainian military’s General Staff, a covert mobilization is ongoing in Belarus.

Lukashenko announced on Oct. 10 that his regime had agreed with Russia on the deployment of a regional grouping of troops. According to official data, 9,000 Russian troops, about 170 tanks, up to 200 armored fighting vehicles and up to 100 guns and mortars with calibers of more than 100 mm will be transferred to Belarus.

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