Lukashenko reveals what he and Putin talk about during their informal Kremlin meetings

27 December 2022, 05:05 PM
Vladimir Putin and Alexander Lukashenko (Photo:Pavel Bednyakov/REUTERS)

Vladimir Putin and Alexander Lukashenko (Photo:Pavel Bednyakov/REUTERS)

Belarusian dictator Alexander Lukashenko claims that his informal meetings in the Kremlin with his Russian counterpart, Vladimir Putin, have served to resolve questions that "could take years for some other countries” to solve, Belarusian propaganda outlet BelTA reported on Dec. 27.

"If someone... thinks we only drink tea, I have to admit that yesterday, not only during tea time, but also after going home late at night, we discussed a lot of questions,” Lukashenko said.

“Sometimes it takes years for some countries. Continuing our conversation that has begun in Minsk, we've dotted a lot of i's and crossed a lot of t’s.”

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He said the dictator’s respective governments have yet to elaborate on these supposed solutions, but offered no details on the matters himself.

On Dec. 24, Lukashenko arrived in Moscow at the behest of Putin, following a similar visit by the Russian dictator to Minsk.

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