Mariupol mayor advisor shows what’s left of Prymorsky ‘wasteland’

17 April, 02:14 PM
Mariupol destroyed by invaders (illustrative photo) (Photo:Alexander Ermochenko/Reuters)

Mariupol destroyed by invaders (illustrative photo) (Photo:Alexander Ermochenko/Reuters)

Mariupol mayor advisor Petro Andriushchenko published a video of Prymorsky city district with virtually all of its multi-story residential buildings destroyed on Telegram on April 16.

"Here were 29 multi-story residential buildings. It's now a mere wasteland. Cheremushky (a microdistrict in Mariupol). Prymorsky District. Mariupol. April 2023. 'Russian World'," the video caption reads.

Russian occupiers have destroyed 400 multi-story residential buildings in Mariupol in order to hide the evidence of their crimes, Mariupol mayor Andriy Boychenko said on March 9.

Video of day

Andriushchenko published another video on March 15 showing a widely devastated Mariupol captured from above.

Out of a pre-war population of over 430,000, he told Radio NV that around 90,000 people have stayed in the occupied city, mostly pensioners.

That is down from 100,000-120,000 that remained in the city in June 2022, following the siege of the city, according to figures from Mariupol city council.

In early June 2022, around 200,000 people fled the city to Ukrainian-controlled areas; 50,000 to 70,000 left for other settlements in the occupied coast of the Sea of Azov, while 47,000 were abducted or forced to go to Russia or Belarus.

Mariupol’s civilian death toll is estimated to be about 22,000, said the city council.

Another mass grave area appeared at the Staryi Krym cemetery in early April, adding to the over 10,000 graves identified using satellite imagery, as the Associated Press discovered in late 2022.

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