Mariupol defender calls upon Israel for aid

11 May, 07:24 PM
Vitaliy Barabash (Photo:The video screenshot Ilgam Hasanov via Facebook)

Vitaliy Barabash (Photo:The video screenshot Ilgam Hasanov via Facebook)

Jewish Ukrainian soldier Vitaliy “Benya” Barabash appealed to Israel for aid in rescuing the Azovstal garrison in a Facebook video published by Ilgam Gasanov on May 11.

In his message, Barabash explains that the injuries he sustained from Russian attacks make it difficult for him to speak, so he asked his comrade to speak on behalf of the Ukrainian Jews holding out at the Azovstal steel mill.

He calls Russian dictator Vladimir Putin’s Russia a contemporary incarnation of the barbaric regimes of Stalin and Hitler – the Soviet and Nazi dictators who committed atrocities and genocide against the Jewish people in 20th century.

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“We have always been united by the history of two horrific tragedies, but now we must continue our struggle, defending our land and our country,” said Barabash.

“As Ukraine never turned its back on the Jewish people, so Israel must now stand shoulder-to-shoulder with Ukrainians, against Russian invaders, who have brought forth a new tragedy.”

“Right now, we need Israel’s help in securing the salvation of the entire military garrison of Mariupol; we urge (Israel) to rescue them.”

According to Barabash, this is something Israel is capable of – something the Jewish Ukrainian soldiers are hoping for.

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