Medvedev calls for people to be shot ‘without trial or investigation’ for arson of military commissariats

2 November 2022, 06:41 PM
Dmitry Medvedev (

Dmitry Medvedev (

Former Russian President Dmitry Medvedev has called for the return of the death penalty in the Russian Federation against the backdrop of attacks on Russian military infrastructure, according to his post on Telegram on Nov. 2.

Medvedev said both “yellow and blue (Ukrainian) saboteurs” and Russian citizens who set fire to military commissariats to disrupt the mobilization for the war against Ukraine should be summarily executed.

“It should be remembered that during the Great Patriotic War, no one cared about the saboteurs, who carried out subversive works in the rear following the orders of the fascist killers,” Medvedev wrote in a ranting post his Telegram channel.

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“There was only one sentence for such scoundrels – execution without trial and investigation. Right at the crime scene. Because if you are a traitor who committed such a crime in wartime, then you have no age, no nationality, and not even the right to defend your life.”

Medvedev on Nov. 1 threatened Ukraine with the use of nuclear weapons for the liberation of the territories temporarily invaded by Russia, saying that the Western countries would be responsible for this.

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