Melitopol mayor reveals details of his time in Russian captivity

18 March, 02:26 PM
Ivan Fedorov (Photo:Ivan Fedorov / Facebook)

Ivan Fedorov (Photo:Ivan Fedorov / Facebook)

Melitopol Mayor Ivan Fedorov, who was abducted on March 11 and held hostage by invading Russian troops, spoke of the ordeals he experienced in captivity in an interview with the Current Time TV channel on March 18.

Fedorov was freed in a prisoner swap on March 16, and has met with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.

He explained that while in captivity, he had been kept in Melitopol’s pre-trial detention center and interrogated whenever the invaders needed something from him.

"It is a rather difficult ordeal when they take you for seven hours with a bag on your head, not knowing where, and you don't trust the people who took you…," Fedorov said.

Видео дня

According to the mayor, sometimes there were from five to seven people with weapons around him, but they did not touch him.

"Seven people, armed, standing around you, was enough (for them to express) their position," he said.

“Or there was someone being tortured in the next cell over - and you could hear the screams, which absolutely pressured you, psychologically, so that it could definitely compared with intimidation, with torture, and so on. So all of these six days were quite difficult.”

The swap that freed the Melitopol mayor was held in the Vasylivka district of Zaporizhzhya Oblast, on the contact line, which is now regulated by both the Ukrainian and Russian military.

Zelensky said that Fedorov had been tortured while in captivity, in order to coerce from him a video statement in “support” of the invaders.

He was swapped for nine captured Russian conscripts.

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