Memorial service for late activist and soldier Roman Ratushny held in Kyiv

18 June, 07:15 PM
The funeral of  Roman Ratushny (Photo:Vitali Klitschko/Facebook)

The funeral of Roman Ratushny (Photo:Vitali Klitschko/Facebook)

A memorial ceremony for the late public activist and Ukrainian soldier Roman Ratushny was held on Ukraine’s central Maidan Nezalezhnositi square on June 18, with about 1,000members of the public in attendance.

Kyiv Mayor Vitali Klitschko spoke at the ceremony.

"Friends. It’s a sad day for Kyiv and Ukraine,” Klitschko said.

“Today we say goodbye to a hero and a warrior. Roman Ratushny was young, smart and active.A man of honor and principles. That's how I knew him. This is how his friends knew him and that’s how Ukraine will remember him. He was brave, he was not afraid of anyone, and despite receiving threats – he never hid. Roman went to defend Ukraine from the beginning of the large-scale invasion by Russian barbarians.”

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Vitali Klitschko/Facebook
Фото: Vitali Klitschko/Facebook

Klitschko also added that before leaving for the front, Ratushny had visited the mayor's office where they had a meeting to discuss his ideas.

“Until the very last moment, I didn’t believe that Roman was dead ... This is a great loss for the capital, for our state,” Kitschko said.

Vitali Klitschko/Facebook
Фото: Vitali Klitschko/Facebook

“Because it is people like Roman Ratushny who are the future of a strong and democratic Ukraine...”

Klitschko said that a street in Kyiv will be named after Ratushny to immortalize his name, and his work of protecting the green areas of Kyiv, in particular, Protasiv Yar, will continue.

"Roman's dream will come true – Protasiv Yar will continue to be the green zone of his native and beloved city," Klitschko added.

Vitali Klitschko/Facebook
Фото: Vitali Klitschko/Facebook

Ratushny, an activist and head of the NGO “Defend Protasiv Yar”, defended Kyiv from the first days of Russia's full-scale invasion of Ukraine. Later he became a reconnaissance officer of the 93rd brigade Kholodny Yar and with his unit participated in liberating the city of Trostyanets.

Ratushny died during a mission on June 9 near Izyum, Kharkiv Oblast.

In order to honor the activist, a proposal was made to rename Volgohradska Street after him. The street is located near Protasiv Yar, in the Solomyanskyi district of Kyiv.

The Ukrainian activist and soldier will be buried at the Baykovo cemetery.

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