Mariupol men forced to join ‘volunteer brigades’ and patrol the city

22 May, 03:42 PM
Russian occupiers (

Russian occupiers (

Russian occupying authorities in Mariupol are forcing male residents to enlist in “volunteer brigades” that are to patrol the city alongside Russian soldiers and a so-called “people’s militia,” Mariupol mayoral advisor Petro Andriushchenko said on May 21.

“Deputy Mariupol Gauleiter (Eugene) Kharmyshev, together with the occupation corps, have announced the return of volunteer brigades,” Andriushchenko said.

“Now, Mariupol men will be (coerced into) patrolling city streets along with Russian troops and the DNR’s ‘people’s militia.’”

According to Andriushchenko, the initiative aims to facilitate a thorough “sweeping” of Mariupol, identifying pro-Ukrainian activists, in addition to laying the ground for a future mobilization.

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There are reports that Mariupol residents will face conscription to the army of the so-called “DNR,” in September.

“As the city is getting locked down, Russian plans for Mariupol are becoming clear: it is to become a naval military base and a source of manpower for mobilization,” added Andriushchenko.

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