Russian mercenary fighting against Ukraine dies in Kostroma nightclub fire

8 November 2022, 01:39 PM
The supposed mercenary, Alexander Rednikov (Photo:Denis Kazansky/Telegram)

The supposed mercenary, Alexander Rednikov (Photo:Denis Kazansky/Telegram)

An alleged Russian mercenary involved in the full-scale war against Ukraine has perished in a fire at a nightclub n the Russian city of Kostroma, Ukrainian journalist Denis Kazansky said on Telegram on Nov. 6.

The supposed mercenary, Alexander Rednikov, has an entry in the volunteer Myrotvroets database, which catalogues ‘enemies of Ukraine.’

Rednikov reportedly came to Kostoma after he had sustained injuries, though where he had received those injuries was not revealed by the Russian media, or Kazansky.

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The fire was allegedly started by another alleged mercenary returning from the full-scale war against Ukraine, Stanislav Iokin. Russian law enforcement authorities say that Iokin started the fire while he was drunk by firing a flare gun at the dance floor. At least 15 other people are believed to have been killed in the incident.

Commenting on the blaze, Kazansky wrote “…the feeling when you wanted to get to Kyiv to fight against Banderivtsi (a Russian slur against Ukrainians - ed.) but instead are burned down by a drunken Russian soldier in Kostroma.”

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