Military analyst explains why Russian army is scared of HIMARS

8 July, 06:41 PM
HIMARS в роботі на запорізькому напрямку (Photo:Генеральний штаб ЗСУ / General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine)

HIMARS в роботі на запорізькому напрямку (Photo:Генеральний штаб ЗСУ / General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine)

The U.S.-supplied HIMARS artillery weapons proved to be highly efficient instopping the Russian advance on Ukraine’s sovereign territory.

Russian army is not able to protect its positions from HIMARS, artillery systems, Oleg Zhdanov, a military analyst told Radio NV.

HIMARS strike can’t be intercepted by any kind of Russia’s defensive systems.

“There’s no antidote to this type of weapons,” Zhdanov said. “It hits the target quite precisely, sometimes missing it for three meters at most, while the fire range is up to 70 kilometers. Defense solution against these systems simply doesn’t exist. The only way is running away if you see such a rocket flying in your direction.”

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That’s why Russia is trying to block Western military supplies to Ukraine, especially when it comes to long-range artillery, military analyst added.

“They’re pressuring all of the countries: stop providing weapons to Ukraine,this will escalate the tensions. Funny, because Russians do their own shelling and don’t think this is an escalation. While when Ukraine gets weapons – they consider it to be an escalation,” Zhdanov explained.

Oleksiy Danilov, Ukraine’s Security Council secretary, confirmed that the Russian army is defenseless in the face of larger HIMARS use by the Ukrainian Armed Forces. So far, Ukraine has received nine HIMARS systems and needs more for a more successful advance against the positions of Russian troops.

HIMARS rocket-launching systems has been able to destroy as many as 20 Russian munition depots in the Donbas area, according to estimates provided by Ivan Kyrychevsky, a military analyst who’s employed at Defense Express, a Kyiv-based magazine focused on security issues.

Pentagon praised Ukrainian army’s usage of HIMARS systems, calling it an efficient artillery tactics.

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