Ukrainian government makes it easier to import military good

15 February, 12:25 PM
Ukrainian military (

Ukrainian military (

The Cabinet of Ministers adopted a resolution that will speed up and simplify the procedure to import military goods import to Ukraine — in particular drones and their components, Deputy Prime Minister Yulia Svyrydenko said on Feb. 14.

The resolution was developed by the joint efforts of the Ministry of Economy and the Ministry of Digital Transformation. The minister of the latter explained that from now on, no documents from the State Service of Export Control of Ukraine, or other services, are needed to import drones or their parts from abroad.

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According to him, the approved resolution is the first among those that are being developed to simplify military imports across the board.

The following items were added to the list of military and dual-use goods:

·         drones, their components, control equipment;

·         robots, robot controllers specially designed for military use;

·         fire control equipment;

·         cameras, night and television vision devices, optical sights for weapons;

·         communication equipment, Data Link, silencers, removable clips;

·         parachutes and paragliders;

·         demining equipment;

·         radio jamming equipment or equipment for combating radio jamming (in particular, anti-drone guns);

·         field generators "specially designed" or "modified" for military use;

·         military software;

·         specialized equipment for military training or for simulating military scenarios;

·         technologies for the development, production, and repair of military products.

The resolution also makes it possible to obtain an international import certificate or other guarantee document from the State Service of Export Control, if necessary, by specifying a group of goods. However, the service’s permission is still required for the import of lethal military goods, such as firearms.

The Ukrainian government also abolished duties and VAT on the import of thermal imagers, drones, and radios on Feb. 6.

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