Military liberation of Crimea unlikely, but Russia could abandon it, CJCS Milley says

17 November 2022, 12:52 AM
REUTERS/Tom Brenner (Photo:REUTERS/Tom Brenner)

REUTERS/Tom Brenner (Photo:REUTERS/Tom Brenner)

While it’s unlikely that Ukraine will be able to liberate Crimea through military action in near future, Moscow could make “a political decision” to withdraw from the peninsula, Chairman of U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Mark Milley said during a press briefing at the Pentagon on Nov. 16, as reported by CNN.

Milley noted that Russia continues to occupy 20% of Ukraine’s territory.

“In terms of probability, the probability of a Ukrainian military victory, defined as kicking the Russians out of all of Ukraine to include what they defined, or what they claim as Crimea, the probability of that happening anytime soon, is not high, militarily,” said Milley.

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He suggested instead that Russia could eventually make “a political decision” to abandon the peninsula it occupies since 2014.

“The Russian military is really hurting bad,” the general said.

“So you want to negotiate at a time when you're at your strength, and your opponent is at weakness. And it's possible, maybe, that there'll be a political solution. All I'm saying is there’s a possibility for it.”

He went on to assert that Russia has failed to achieve any of its war aims, so far.

“Russians have failed every single time,” Milley said.

“They’ve lost strategically, they’ve lost operationally and, I repeat, they lost tactically. What they’ve tried to do, they failed at. Across the entire frontline trace of some 900 or so kilometers, the Ukrainians have achieved success after success after success, and the Russians have failed every single time.”

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