Mobilized Russians returning to Russia (dead), who can remove Putin, and where is Girkin?

16 October 2022, 05:47 PM
Roman Tsymbaliuk (Photo:Roman Tsymbaliuk / Facebook)

Roman Tsymbaliuk (Photo:Roman Tsymbaliuk / Facebook)

Russians who killed in the war against Ukrainians are now being buried not only in Buryatia, but in every region, in particular in Moscow and St. Petersburg, Ukrainian journalist Roman Tsymbalyuk, who spent years reporting from Moscow, said in an interview with the Radio NV on Oct. 15.

— What is known about those who were recently mobilized in Russia? They have already been sent to fight in Ukraine. How many dead invaders were sent back to Russia?

“Putin usually lies, but he told us that he had already sent 16,000 (Russians) to Ukraine to die. This is the first “delivery.” It is clear that some of them are already returning back. It is quite difficult to count them from open sources, because Russia hides its losses.

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But when Russians are being buried every day in every region, it’s great news. What's great is that they are buried not only in Buryatia. Now Moscow has joined this process and so did St. Petersburg. The war continues, and the Russians, who came here with weapons in their hands, are dying.

This doesn’t mean that they have stopped supporting the war against us. This doesn’t mean that they are against missile attacks on Ukraine. They cannot understand one thing: “Why did it have to be us? We support Putin. Why are we being killed?

Our task is to explain to them what is happening.

In fact, just yesterday Putin "hit reverse." He promised the Russians that there will be no full-scale mobilization. He promised that these unfortunate 300,000 losers would be gathered in two weeks, and that would be it.

But everyone knows that his words have no weight. He is a liar. Therefore, it doesn’t matter what Putin says. It matters what the Armed Forces of Ukraine do.

In Astana, where the CIS summit was held, it was more interesting to listen not to Putin’s answers, but to sycophants’ questions which are pointing out that Putin made many mistakes. They complain that people without military training were sent to Ukraine and were killed there. They don't wonder why they went there, but they still complain. They ask whether the mobilization will expand. They say that Russians shouldn’t be arresting people for listening to Ukrainian songs in a car.

— What questions are most often heard in the Russian media space now?

— If we are talking about Russian television, then they demand carpet bombing of Ukraine, they say "let's kill them all as part of denazification." They are frank – "let them have hunger and cold." It seems that the happiness of Russians will depend on this.

Television is a different story, it's for morons. It is influential. In fact, Putin's most precise weapon is Russian television.

In the eighth year of the war, a former gas trader receives questions: Will Ukraine and Russia remain as a result of these hostilities? It seems, everyone has already been convinced on the Ukraine part. If people near the maniac (Putin) ask a question about the future of Russia, then I want to ask: maybe it makes sense to stop all this? But no – they won't stop.

I liked the moment from that event when they asked him: How so, 80 years after the great victory, are German weapons killing Russian people again?"

I wonder why, when they are killed by HIMARS, this isn’t a problem. French CAESARs generally mow them (Russian invaders) down like weeds.

Interestingly, they ask many key questions that the maniac doesn’t have an answer to. These are changes that we are all happy about.

— How does the Russian propaganda machine counteract this? Did they receive new manuals on how to talk about the war; how to explain to those who cautiously begin to ask questions and doubt whether it was worth starting this phase of the war?

The Russian leadership, the military in particular, pins all the blame on Russian generals – on (Russian Defense Minister Sergei) Shoigu, on (Chief of the General Staff of the Russian Federation Valery) Gerasimov, on (Commander of the Central Military District Alexander) Lapin, and on (Head of the Command of the Russian Armed Forces in Ukraine Sergey) Surovikin – to this entire gang.

Now they’ve ended up in a situation when the situation at the front lines can only be received in Telegram channels, from people like terrorist Igor Girkin (aka Strelkov) – people who, as far as I understand, work in the information service or the FSB (Russian security service), or from the Kremlin’s puppet in Chechnya, Ramzan Kadyrov, or someone else. Some people want to frighten them or even bring them to justice for defiling the honor of Russian soldiers. Like it’s forbidden to say that Russian soldiers are being killed in Ukraine. But Russian soldiers have been killed here and will continue to be killed, and there is no need to be surprised.

— It's good if at least the military bloggers began to realize that they were being killed here. Or they don’t get it either?

— It seems to me that right now they will be given a general instruction to reduce the amount of negativity. Something like – "you have no right to criticize Marshal Shoigu." People who criticize the Russian army, they don’t criticize it in the context of what they are doing in Ukraine. Their critique goes like – “why are you so bad at killing Ukrainians?”, “why are you such bad soldiers?”. The guys like Girkin are representatives of the ultra-fascist party. They demand strikes on the critical infrastructure (of Ukraine).

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Earlier, Putin said that now there is no need for mass missile strikes. But I don't think they don’t have the ability. It is clear that they will be here to kill people for a long time. But when someone tries to reach for a nuclear bomb or something like that, on the eighth month of the war, it seems to me that they have some problems at work there.

— They say that Girkin was sent to the front because he criticized the army. How confirmed are these rumors?

— I don’t think that he was sent to the front for this, because he publicly spoke more than once about his desire to personally join in the murder of Ukrainians. This is a man imbued with the ideas of Russian Nazism. He is very simple in that regard: if you say that you aren’t Russian, but Ukrainian, it means that you need to be killed.

Considering that Strelkov is a retired FSB colonel who can lead people, the Russian Ministryof Defense tried to prevent him from going to the front line. They were afraid that he would start saying that the Russian government is criminal, and embezzled all the foot cloths and ammo.

Now he seems to be in military uniform. Obviously, he will pop up somewhere at the front. I wouldn't be surprised if the Russians themselves would waste him and say: "Evil Ukrainians killed him." Perhaps that’s how it will be.

In our case, it is best to capture him and send him to The Hague.

— Recently, several publications wrote that the Russian elites are starting to ask questions about what kind of abyss Russia is heading into. And they are considering the possibility of removing Putin from power. Is such a scenario possible in Russia in its current state?

Everything here is both simple and complicated – either yes or no. Everyone who created the Russian economy, complex enterprises, joint ventures with the Germans, the Americans... In terms of doing business, Russia is better than we are on multiple levels. They have a better system. It is a fact, supported by international ratings. I don't like that we're behind in this regard. Well, anyway, it’s all gone now.

People who have really invested their lives and their thoughts in the Russian economy aren’t happy. This applies, in particular, to large Russian businesses. But this is how they created the system: the rich and influential businessmen from the cities don’t have influence on the Kremlin. It would be nice for them all to chip in a billion each and drop a Russian nuclear bomb on the Kremlin when Putin is there. It would be cheaper for everyone. Or may be drop it on Zavidovo (Moscow region - ed.), where his (Putin - ed.) residence is.

Removing Putin from power in any way is primarily in the Russian interest.

This isolation of Russia leads to the fact that the market is changing, the business structure is changing. The Russians are trying to “strategically switch to the East”, but their Chinese friends say: “You traded gas with the EU for 50 years, you had rules there, long-term contracts, but here we will be establishing them. We ourselves will tell you at what price you will give us your goods.”

This doesn’t mean that tomorrow Russia will default or everything will fall apart. This suggests that the structure of the economy will change, the structure of society will change. A million Russians left. We will not analyze whether they are ‘good’ or ‘bad’ Russians, but these are the most active, smart...

— Those who had the money and the opportunity run.

— The smartest ones transferred their money abroad before Feb. 24 (the start of Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine).

The trend is that they are moving manpower here, Russian cannon fodder, they are being killed here. Now there are fewer people in Russia and there are fewer military men. The question is: what's next? Putin doesn’t answer this question. There is no answer to this key question, but there should be.

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