Moldova accuses Russia of making false claims to destabilize situation in country

2 September, 10:31 AM
Maia Sandu (

Maia Sandu (

Regarding recent Russian comments about “threats” to its “peacekeepers” in Transnistria, Moldovan President Maia Sandu has again said Chisinau will accept “only a peaceful solution to the conflict.

“Once again: these (Kremlin) accusations are manipulative by nature and are probably designed to destabilize Moldova,” Sandu said in an interview with Moldovan broadcaster PRO TV on Sep. 1.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov recently said that Moscow could not rule out the use of force to protect its “peacekeepers.” He claimed that Russian-speaking people in Moldova face discrimination.

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There is no evidence to support Lavrov’s claim.

Hitting back, Sandu said Lavrov knew well that Moldova is committed to a peaceful resolution of the three-decade-long conflict.

“We keep adhering to the same principles we always had,” Sandu said. “The Transnistria question can only be resolved through peaceful, diplomatic means, and Lavrov is well-aware of this, as we discussed the question…”

In the wake of Lavrov’s comments, the Moldovan Foreign Ministry summoned the Russian ambassador to demand explanations regarding the meaning of Lavrov’s comments about “defending Russian-speakers.”

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