More than 14,000 Russian troops killed in Ukraine in three weeks of war

18 March 2022, 06:41 PM

The General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine has published a list of estimated losses incurred by the invading Russian military in Ukraine as of the morning of March 18.

According to Army Command, on the 23rd day of its full-scale invasion of Ukraine, Russia’s death toll among personnel exceeded 14,000.

 Other losses of the invaders include:

 tanks: 450 units,

 armored combat vehicles: 1,448 units,

 artillery systems: 205 units,

 multiple rocket launcher systems: 72 units,

Video of day

 air defense systems: 43 units,

 aircraft: 93 units,

 helicopters: 112 units,

cars and trucks: 879 units,

 ships/boats: 3 units,

 fuel and lubricant tankers: 60 units,

 task force UAVs: 12 units.

 special equipment: 11 units.

 This data is being verified, as the calculations are complicated by the high intensity of ongoing hostilities, the General Staff noted.

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