Mothballed Russian tanks not in a condition to be used in combat, says Ukrainian intelligence

26 March, 05:21 PM
Destroyed Russian tank (Photo:Armed Forces of Ukraine)

Destroyed Russian tank (Photo:Armed Forces of Ukraine)

As the Russian army is seeking to use swathes of mothballed military equipment to reinforce its stalling invasion of Ukraine, it’s becoming apparent that most of those assets are in no condition to be deployed, Ukraine’s military intelligence said in a post on the Telegram instant messenger on March 26.

In particular, many military vehicles are missing crucial optical instruments and electronic components, rich in rare earth metals. The assessment of the intelligence community is that these losses are due to rampant corruption in the Russian army and defense ministry.

As part of their efforts to replenish armored divisions in Ukraine, the Russians are setting up a repair and maintenance base (RMB) at the Klimovo airfield in Bryansk region, some 35 kilometers away from the Ukrainian border.

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“The enemy RMB is attempting to refurbish large quantities of un-mothballed equipment that arrives from cold storage,” the message said.

“In most cases, the equipment is in terrible condition, rendering it impossible to be fully utilized.”

According to the report, Russia’s 4th Tank Division discovered that only one out of 10 mothballed tanks is more or less operational, with others lacking critical components: some tanks are even missing their engines. Ukrainian intelligence assesses that corresponding quotas to replenish Russian combat units in Ukraine with mothballed equipment cannot be met.

Additionally, the message alleges that the commander of the division’s 13th Regiment committed suicide.

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