Ukraine’s anti-graft agencies charge MP Herasymov with failure to declare real estate in Spain

16 January, 06:55 PM
The SAPO and NABU say that the whereabouts of the People's Deputy are unknown (

The SAPO and NABU say that the whereabouts of the People's Deputy are unknown (

The National Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine (NABU) and the Specialized Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Office (SAPO) have served European Solidarity MP Artur Herasymov with charge papers for failing to declare real estate in Spain, NABU reported on its website on Jan. 16.

According to NABU, in his electronic income declaration for 2020, the legislator omitted information about a two-story duplex apartment and a parking space in the province of Alicante, Spain for EUR 190,000 (approximately $252,700 at the 2013 time of purchase).

He also failed to provide data on $1,600 in Ukrainian bank accounts.

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SAPO, in turn, reported that the lawmaker had failed to declare almost UAH 6.3 million in total assets (about $773,000 at the average 2013 exchange rate, or $172,279 on Jan. 16, 2023) in total.

In a corrected declaration for 2020, Herasymov failed to provide information about real estate belonging to him and his wife, the agency said.

Herasymov's whereabouts are unknown to law enforcement agencies, so he was charged in absentia.

The anti-graft agencies explained the MP was served with charge papers based on an investigation conducted by journalists of the project Skhemy: Corruption in Detail.

In comments to NV, Herasymov called the charges brought against him an attempt by NABU to replace "the real fight against corruption with cheap PR and imitation of activity." He said he was confident that he acted in the right and would win his case in the High Anti-Corruption Court.

He clarified that he purchased the real estate in Spain in 2013 as a private individual with declared business income and it was before his 2014 election to the Verkhovna Rada. Later that year,  he gave the apartment to his parents as a gift, and they have used it. He claims that the transfer of ownership in Spain does not require changing data in the register.

"NABU knows that it is engaged in an arbitrary interpretation of Spanish legislation. I insist that I did not have to include this apartment in the declaration," he summarized.

In 2021, Skhemy journalists reported that Herasymov had not declared the two-story property in Spain.

After publication of the report, the lawmaker said he had informed the National Agency on Corruption Prevention (NACP) "about possible inaccuracies in his declaration."

An inspection by the NACP confirmed that Herasymov has owned a two-story mansion in the town of Jávea, Spain, since 2013 and had not indicated it on his income declaration.

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