Multiple dead in Dnipro and Uman, scores injured in new mass missile attack by Russia

28 April, 09:55 AM
Five people became victims of Russian missile attacks (Photo:Ihor Klymenko/

Five people became victims of Russian missile attacks (Photo:Ihor Klymenko/

Air raid sirens woke Ukrainians nationwide this morning after Russia fired 23 missiles at the country, with Ukrainian defenders knocking 21 out of the sky, Ukrainian Armed Forces commander-in-chief Valery Zaluzhny said on Telegram.

There are reports of dead and injured in multiple Ukrainian cities this morning.

Reports from Uman say that six people have died and 17 are injured after a nine-story apartment building was hit in the central city of Uman.

A woman and child in Dnipro were killed in a missile strike on the eastern city.

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In the Kyiv region, 11 missiles and two UAVs were successfully destroyed.

The launches were carried out by Russian Tu-95 strategic aircraft over the Caspian Sea, he reported.

Air Force anti-aircraft units, Ukraine’s air defense systems, and other components of Ukraine’s Defense Forces, destroyed 21 of 23 Kh-101 / Kh-555 cruise missiles and two UAVs.

"Targets were destroyed in the areas of responsibility of the Center Air Command, East Air Command, and South Air Command," Zaluzhny noted.

Ukraine’s Air Force also reported that 21 of 23 missiles were destroyed.

Ukrainians nationwide remained in bomb shelters for hours, with most air raid warnings not lifted until shortly before 7.00 local time.

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