Russian troops sold armored vehicle to Ukraine, governor says

23 September, 02:18 PM
The Tigr vehicle (illustrative photo) (Photo:Autoshow VIN-CODE video frame)

The Tigr vehicle (illustrative photo) (Photo:Autoshow VIN-CODE video frame)

Mykolayiv governor Vitaliy Kim posted a video of a Tigr (Tiger) armored infantry fighting vehicle, which Russian troops in the region reportedly sold to Ukraine, in a Telegram post on Sept. 23.

The governor noted the vehicle is not in best shape – its operators reportedly had to make “repairs” with a cooking pot lid.

“That’s no matter, we’ll fix it up and send it into battle,” said Kim.

The Tigr vehicle was sold for $5,000, and the governor also said how much the Russians can expect get for other kinds of military kit:

Video of day

Tanks – $50,000;

Armored personnel carriers – $25,000;

Rocket artillery systems – $15,000;

Howitzers – $10,000.

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