Ukraine may strike Russian energy facilities says Russian opposition leader Navalny

23 December 2022, 05:24 PM
Alexei Navalny (

Alexei Navalny (

Ukraine may launch strikes at energy facilities in Russia, Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny wrote on Telegram on Dec. 23.

According to him, “it’s amazing with how much delight and schadenfreude our propagandists talk about the destruction of Ukraine’s energy system.”

“Basking in joy, they report how many cities have been left without power, how many people have no heat, how the Kyiv subway has stopped working again, and details like, ‘People heat up food with candles,’ which bring them to an ecstasy that is noticeable even in their voices,” he tweeted.

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Navalny said that he does not expect “these creeps to have any basic sympathy for innocent civilians in a horrible situation.” In turn, he says that he is “rather puzzled as to why they cannot look a little further than their own noses and take simple things into account.”

“Firstly, these strikes on civilian infrastructure do not demonstrate the power and prowess of Russian weapons at all, but rather the helplessness of the Russian army,” the opposition leader wrote.

“Secondly, and most importantly, we are pounding the Ukrainian energy system with missiles invented (and often made) back in the Soviet Union... We have seen in practice how our air defenses work – they do not. If Ukraine was able to hit a strategic aviation airfield deep inside the country, and if we ourselves maniacally impose this type of war with strikes on power grids on them, we will soon see that, as they say, two can play at this game. And then the Ukrainians will knock out the lights and heat first in Kursk and Belgorod, then in Voronezh, and then in Moscow. Who will we then complain to about needing to heat food for our children with a candle flame?”

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