Wagner Group has brought in more than 38,000 prison inmates: Podolyak

16 January, 12:13 PM
Wagner Center in St. Petersburg (Photo:REUTERS/Igor Russak)

Wagner Center in St. Petersburg (Photo:REUTERS/Igor Russak)

The Russian mercenary company known as the Wagner Group have press-ganged 38,244 Russian prisoners in order to send them to the front line in Ukraine, presidential advisor Mykhailo Podolyak wrote on Twitter on Jan. 15.

According to his information, 29,543 of them have already been killed, wounded, gone missing, or captured.

"The inmates' casualty rate is currently 77%," Podolyak said.

Independent Russian media outlet SOTA reported in September that Wagner Group was forcibly conscripting Russian prisoners to send them to war against Ukraine. Allegedly, these prisoners were promised money and amnesty for their crimes if they spent six months at the front line.

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Other Russian outlets have also claimed that the Russian Ministry of Defense is engaging in the same practice.

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