Russian threats against Moldova trigger pushback in Chisinau

25 December 2022, 12:04 PM
Daniel Voda (Photo:Daniel Voda/Facebook)

Daniel Voda (Photo:Daniel Voda/Facebook)

Russia claims that Moldovan cooperation with NATO “undermines the security of Moldova itself,” according to a statement made by Mikhail Galuzin, deputy head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation, in an interview with Russian propaganda agency RIA Novosti on Dec. 24.

Galuzin went on to repeat false narratives about the “pumping with Western weapons, deployment of NATO contingents,” in the country, which, according to Galuzin, “in no way adds to the security of sovereignty.” However, NATO troops are not present in Moldova, which is not a NATO member state, and Moldova has not been receiving weapons of any kind from NATO.

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Galuzin also attempted to shift blame for Russia’s unprovoked full-scale invasion of Ukraine, and implied that a similar situation may occur in Moldova, due to Chisinau’s current Euro-Atlantic course allegedly undermining that’s country’s neutral status.

Moldovan foreign affairs spokesperson Daniel Voda, in response to Galuzin’s inflammatory rhetoric, stressed that Moldova is a peaceful, neutral, and free state, and this is “our decision on how to develop our country.” According to him, external co-operation in the field of security of Chisinau is based on three things:

  • Neutrality does not mean self-isolation, demilitarization, or indifference to what is happening in the world;
  • Interest in strengthening the country's stability, in particular through NATO, cooperation with which is transparent and based on well-known framework principles;
  • On the international stage, Moldova lives in a difficult region that suffered from Russia’s brutal aggression against Ukraine — “a fact that has dramatic consequences for our country.”

“We need all the solidarity of our friends to overcome the multiple hybrid challenges we are facing.,” Voda stressed.

Alexandru Musteata, head of the Moldovan Information Security Service, on Dec. 19 said that Russia could launch a new offensive against Moldova as early as the beginning of 2023. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Poland said that Poland, the Balticstates and Moldova are on the Kremlin’s “target list”, but there will be no new Russian attack in the near future.

Kyrylo Budanov, the head of Ukrainian Military Intelligence, said that Ukraine is ready to help Moldova rid itself of Moldova’s continuing Russian occupation of the Transnistria region.

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