New Russian missile attack conducted in waves, says Ukraine’s military

26 January, 01:56 PM
Russia is trying to identify the positions of Ukrainian air defense systems (

Russia is trying to identify the positions of Ukrainian air defense systems (

The Russian military used tactical and strategic aviation in their latest massive attack on Ukraine on Jan. 26, head of the press center of the South Operational Command Natalia Humeniuk said on Ukrainian national television.

She said that in addition to aviation, there was an increase in the activity of Russian warships in the Black Sea.

Humeniuk noted that Russia was attacking Ukrainian cities, in particular, with Kalibr missiles, which are high-precision weapons used mainly to strike critical infrastructure and specific targets.

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She also added that the Russians were attacking in waves to identify the positions of Ukrainian air defenses and coordinate the actions of various types of forces.

"There are several aspects here — the scale of sparing missile resources, and the coordination of actions of various units, when aviation, navy, and projectiles sent in barrages like drones are involved,” the military spokeswoman said.

“This also suggests that after we said hello to those Russian airfields, they had to redeploy, and the estimated approach time is also a factor here. They need to coordinate their actions, measure their capabilities and combination of forces, and conduct certain training.”

According to the latest reports, the new Russian attack resulted in air strikes on Kyiv, where one civilian was killed and several others were injured, as well as on Vinnytsia and Odesa oblasts, where damage to energy infrastructure facilities was reported.

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