No need for Ukrainian military to march on Moscow, says soldier

17 July, 01:31 PM
Ukrainian military officer Oleksandr Novikovsky believes that Moscow should be destroyed economically, not conquered (Photo:REUTERS/Maxim Shemetov)

Ukrainian military officer Oleksandr Novikovsky believes that Moscow should be destroyed economically, not conquered (Photo:REUTERS/Maxim Shemetov)

Ukrainian servicemember Oleksandr Novikovskii, in an interview with Radio NV on July 13, said he believes there is no need for the Ukrainian military to march on Moscow in order to win the war. 

"Let's be honest, we need a huge army to reach Moscow," he said.

"It's clear that people will resist, they will also understand, blow up, fight alongside the guerillas. Russia is a much larger country than Ukraine. Theoretically, it is possible, but practically, for what? In order to come to Red Square, 'dump a load' and say – I was here, here is my flag, write that Ukrainian soldiers were here?"

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Novikovskii added that, in his opinion, Russia should be destroyed from within and economically.

"There is a certain number of people there who are against the regime, against Putin, they are isolated to some extent, someone is already in prison, and the rest are simply intimidated," the serviceman said.

"This is a country that has been raised, relatively speaking, in cages, like an animal that has not seen anything. They are intimidated, so it's unlikely to expect something positive from them. These are the same animals that come to kill us, and it makes no sense to go there to free them."

Novikovskii explained that the Russians have to be expelled from Ukraine, "smashed economically" and to "build a strong wall."

"And we should prepare for the fact that such a northern neighbor as Russia will constantly cause nightmares for us, we must raise our military culture, our military potential, and have decent weapons so that they understand that if they stick their nose where they don't need to, they will get socked in the jaw," he said.

The Ukrainian soldier added that destroying Russia physically means to be their mirror image.

"We shouldn't do this, we must be a few steps higher in culture, in general humanity, be better morally, better physically," Novikovskii said.

"(We must) differ from them, why do we need to be like, excuse me, shit?”

Novikovskii’s beliefs are not universal across Ukraine - other Ukrainian experts have expressed their opinion that as long as Russia remains a state, it will pose a threat to Ukrainian sovereignty.

Defense Minister Oleksii Reznikov said on July 15 that Ukraine had pledged not to use high-precision weapons, including HIMARS MLRS, against Russian targets in Russia, in a seeming effort to assuage Western concerns about possible “escalation” of the full-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine.

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