North Korea making winter uniforms for Russian soldiers in Ukraine

8 November 2022, 08:17 PM
At least three factories in Pyongyang fulfill Russian orders (Photo:KOREAN CENTRAL NEWS AGENCY)

At least three factories in Pyongyang fulfill Russian orders (Photo:KOREAN CENTRAL NEWS AGENCY)

Russia is seemingly struggling to provide its army with winter gear, so North Korean factories are now producing cold weather uniforms for Russian soldiers fighting in Ukraine, Radio Free Asia reported on Nov. 7, citing sources inside North Korea.

At least three factories in the North Korean capital city Pyongyang, and more in other parts of the country, are bringing in foreign currency for the cash-strapped government by making winter uniforms, underwear, and footwear for Russian soldiers in Ukraine, using Russian raw materials, the sources said.

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According to the report, finished uniforms will be sent to Russia via the Tumen River-Khasan railway, which crosses the Russo-Korean border in the north-eastern part of North Korea.

UN Security Council Resolution 2375, adopted in September 2017, completely bans all textile exports from North Korea.

At the same time, Russian media outlet Kommersant reported Moscow was looking to purchase clothes and shoes from Pyongyang.

“The Russian Federation is very interested in purchasing goods from the DPRK (Democratic People’s Republic of Korea), including sewing products, shoes, etc.,” the Russian Embassy in NK said, as per Kommersant.

“All such projects must be implemented in strict accordance with UN Security Council resolutions banning the import of certain goods from the DPRK.”

In fact, both the Kremlin and the North Korean regime have never much respect to such restrictions, especially after the North Korea’s decision to supply Russia with ammunition, which the latter needs to wage the war against Ukraine.

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