North Macedonia sending T-72 tanks to Ukraine

29 July, 06:07 PM
T-72 tank (Photo:Phil DeFer/

T-72 tank (Photo:Phil DeFer/

The North Macedonian Defense Ministry has confirmed that Skopje is sending some of its T-72 tanks to Ukraine after footage of a convoy of military equipment moving through the country appeared on social networks, Serbian news outlet Radio Televizija Srbije reported on July 29.

The Defense Ministry of Macedonia confirmed on July 28 that a column of Macedonian tanks was heading towards Ukraine. The ministry said they were "third-generation" tanks from a battalion that would soon be disbanded.

The footage shows several tank carriers with tarpaulin-covered vehicles, but the Ministry of Defense didn’t specify how many tanks are heading to Ukraine. 

Видео дня

The Macedonian army has 31 tanks of this type.

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