North Macedonia signs off on giving Ukraine Mi-24 helicopters

30 March, 11:17 PM
Mi-24 helicopter (Photo:FOX 52 / pixabay)

Mi-24 helicopter (Photo:FOX 52 / pixabay)

The government of North Macedonia has decided to transfer an unspecified number of Mi-24 helicopter gunships to Ukraine, Macedonian news outlet Fokus reported on March 30.

“The government considered and approved the information on the need to adopt a Protocol on the gratuitous transfer of aircraft (helicopters) between the Ministry of Defense of North Macedonia and the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, and made a decision on the gratuitous transfer of aircraft (helicopters) to the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine,” the report quotes an official government source.

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Fokus notes that Mi-24 helicopters were purchased from Ukraine in 2001, and have been out of service for eight years, mostly due to a lack of spare parts for their maintenance.

“Two of them were modernized, but this modernization was adapted under conditions which absolutely don’t correspond to what is needed now…,” said Minister of Defense of North Macedonia, Slavjanka Petrovska.

On March 20, North Macedonia confirmed the transfer of four Soviet-era Su-25 close air support aircraft to Ukraine.

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