Notorious collaborator Saldo helped manage Russian torture chambers in Kherson

2 March, 11:37 PM
Torture chambers created by the Russian occupiers in Kherson (

Torture chambers created by the Russian occupiers in Kherson (

The collaborator whom Moscow “appointed” to helm occupied Kherson Oblast, Volodymyr Saldo, helped Russian forces manage a system of torture chambers across occupied areas of the region, UK lawyer and head of Mobile Justice Team, Wayne Jordash, said in an interview with Russian media outlet iStories on March 2.

Jordash’s team is helping Ukraine investigate Russian crimes in Kherson during the occupation of the city. According to the lawyer, a system of about 20 torture camps in the city was financed by Russia at the state level. People there were beaten, tortured with electricity, tortured with water, as well as forced to learn Russian slogans, songs, and poems.

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“We don’t know exactly what his (Saldo) role was, but he was involved in running this system,” said Jordash.

Jordash said that some of the torture chambers were run by the Russian military, while others were run by the FSB (Russia’s security service). Civilian collaborators also participated in managing the facilities. The Office of the Prosecutor General of Ukraine and lawyers of the Mobile Justice Team have so far studied the testimonies of about a thousand people who went through these torture chambers.

While Kherson City was under Russian occupation, about 400 people went missing; some died in detention camps.

“We have evidence that the bodies of people were taken out of prisons in black bags, estimating the total number of deaths in prisons is still difficult,” Jordash said.

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