NV examines Russian Volunteer Corps group that entered Russia’s Bryansk Oblast

3 March, 03:42 AM
Russian Volunteer Corps (RVC) fighters in front of a building in Russia (Photo:DR)

Russian Volunteer Corps (RVC) fighters in front of a building in Russia (Photo:DR)

On the morning of March 2, the governor of Russia’s Bryansk Oblast bordering Ukraine, Alexander Bogomaz, reported that a Ukrainian sabotage and surveillance group had allegedly infiltrated the region. Ukrainian military’s General Staff called this statement a “brazen provocation.” NV took a deeper look at what’s going on.

On March 2, Russian authorities reported an alleged shootout with people in military uniforms and yellow armbands (yellow armbands are often used by Ukrainian forces to distinguish their troops on the battlefield). Russia’s propaganda media dwelled on this event, reporting on the capture of hostages and saying that some had been killed.

Video of day

Later, a video appeared, in which, in front of a paramedic station located in Bryansk Oblast, two soldiers — commander of the Russian Volunteer Corps (RDK), Denis “Rex”, and another soldier named Alexander “Fortuna” — announced that they had crossed the Russian border. Meanwhile, the RDK is fighting on the side of Ukraine.

In their address, the volunteers said that they “do not fight civilians, do not kill the unarmed”, but call on ordinary Russian citizens to understand that “they are not slaves” and to oppose the regime of Russian dictator Vladimir Putin.

In one of the videos shared by RDK, shooting can be heard in the background.

NV asked RDK soldier Ilya Bogdanov for a comment, but he declined, referring us to the official RDK Telegram channel. He did confirm, however, that there were representatives of his unit on the territory of the Russian Federation and asked to wait for an official report.

In a previous conversation with NV, RDK fighters announced plans for military operations on the territory of the Russian Federation. They believe that it will not be possible for the Armed Forces of Ukraine to cross into Russian territory, so plan to take that role on themselves.

In this way, they hope, a hybrid war will begin in the Russian Federation – similar what happened in Ukraine in 2014, when Russia invaded Donbas. The RDK expects to grow in numbers, as it plans to also enter Kursk, Belgorod, and other neighboring oblasts of the Russian Federation.

The RDK understands that such a relatively small-scale activity will not make huge waves in the international community. The group figures that in response to the question "Russia was attacked?", the only logical answer could be – “No, it’s the Russians, Russians are fighting Russians, it's their right to self-determination.”

This is how the RDK plans to attract many more Russian citizens who are dissatisfied with Putin and are ready to take military action. This is how, they say, a confrontation within the Russian Federation will begin.

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