Russians stealing metal, equipment from enterprises in Luhansk Oblast, says Hayday

17 December 2022, 01:39 PM
Russians stealing metal, equipment from enterprises in Luhansk Oblast (Photo:Сергій Гайдай / Facebook)

Russians stealing metal, equipment from enterprises in Luhansk Oblast (Photo:Сергій Гайдай / Facebook)

Russian invaders have predictably broken their promises to rebuild factories and plants located in occupied Luhansk Oblast, and are now looting them and dismantling them for scrap, Serhiy Hayday, the head of the Luhansk Oblast Military Administration (OVA), said on national TV on Dec. 17.

“Additionally, during the occupation, people have already had a taste of ‘Russkiy mir’ (the “Russian world” -ed.) and what the promises of the occupiers are worth,” Hayday explained.

“For example, [the Russians] promised to resume operations at the Azot plant in Severodonetsk from the very first day [of their occupation] – that they would launch it and create a large number of jobs. Today, the enterprise is under strict security, provided by the Russian Guard, and metal and equipment is being removed from there. It is taken to Rozsosh, an enterprise that produces mineral fertilizers,” Haidai explained.

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Hayday said that the occupation forces are taking these measures because “they still understand that a retreat is inevitable and it is necessary to at least take something away,”, as well as to make money and receive employment, as being unemployed will immediately result in the issuance of a conscription notice.

Additionally, occupation forces are continuing to rob apartments belonging to local residents, Hayday noted.

“They cut off the batteries in high-rise buildings under the pretense that they will replace them,” he said.

“But no one replaces anything. To replace the windows – they install the cheapest ones. The billions that have been allocated there will all go into the pockets of local collaborators. Also, for example, they turn on the water on the ninth floor without checking the entire floor and each apartment. Therefore, all this breaks through, from the ninth floor all the way down, everything is flooded. And then they can enter the apartments and take anything they want.”

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